Our dental clinic offers highly professional dental care using microscope for both children and adults. Treatment under the microscope provides the use of a more sensitive manner in relation to bone tissue, ensuring high accuracy and quality of dental work. For example, prosthesis and root canal treatment with dental microscope is the only reliable method of providing high-quality patient care.

November 2018
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Flexibility, Uncompromising Quality and a Great Price

Flexibility – We understand that most of people working on weekdays from early morning until late evening, and you do not have enough of free time to visit the dentist. That is why we are looking forward to your visit, even on weekends. Use our online booking system and in case you cannot find a suitable time – feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will accommodate your demand.

Uncompromising quality – the majority of the procedures are carried out under a microscope in order to achieve precision with micron-level tolerance. Giving a magnification up to 25 times, the doctor may perform a thorough diagnosis: see hairline cracks in the teeth, problems with fillings and any other disease at the earliest stage. The microscope is an integral part of quality care and long-term results, both therapeutic and surgical. Operating with more accurate and confident movements doctor guarantees the safety of healthy tissues working only with damaged areas, thereby reducing the likelihood of any mechanical damage that may cause cracks, fractures and split of teeth. Also it helps the patient feel comfortable, as the treatment is carried out at a comfortable distance (not disturbing patient comfort zone) and decreases the discomfort caused by the need for the patient to keep in constant tension jaw muscles to ensure adequate access to the damaged tissue during the treatment.

Excellent value – our prices are competitive at both the local and foreign markets. We are always ready for an open dialogue. Come to us with price proposals from other clinics, and we will always be happy to provide you with a competitive offer.

Childern’s treatment

We will be glad to provide dental care services for your children. Keeping beautiful smile of your children from early ages will help to avoid serious issue and more expensive treatment later-on. We strongly recommend that you register for the first visit before the emergence of any problems, because in some cases, to assist in the later stages can be more painful or even impossible.

Dentistry (fillings)

We will be happy to fix any problems with your teeth, like removing tooth tartar and providing high professional tooth decay cure. The treatment plan will be already created at the first visit!


We carry out simple surgical procedures. For example autopsy abscess, tooth extraction and apicoectomy. Our doctor worked for three years in the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Treatment of tooth root canals with microscope

Nowadays the microscope is used in all areas of dentistry – from the installation of dental fillings till any complex surgical intervention. Nevertheless, most often usage of microscope, is during the need of retreatment for tooth root canals. The microscope allows you to find additional channels, which, if left untreated, causes inflammation. Dental treatment with the microscope allows the usage of a drill with minimal removal of tooth structure. Practice shows that the cavities for filling are 3-5 times smaller by volume in comparison to the drill without usage of microscope. Dental microscope has become indispensable for carrying out a high-quality dental treatment and provides most precise diagnosis.


Prosthetics today has become an important part of maintaining a smile aesthetics. This is due to the invention of new materials that are currently used in conducting aesthetic restorations, which makes your smile a natural and beautiful!


The implant will replace your missing tooth. The procedure consists of two steps, first step is to install an artificial root in a jaw, and as a second step after three months we set a crown (temporary and then permanent). Sometimes the bone is too small to accommodate the implant. In this case, before the installation of an implant we must carry out the operation for increasing bone volume.

Services and prices

€ 40
Treatment of caries
  • Composite sealant
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€ 1150
Implant installation
  • 1 Implant with 1 crown
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€ 35
Tooth extraction
  • Tooth extraction
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About Us

Aleksei Šaganov

Root canal treatment

Specialist in the field of endodontics (root canal treatment)
Alex Šaganov, DDS, graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Tartu acquiring a specialty dentist in 2008. In 2011 accomplished residency program in dental science in the field of clinical dentistry, thesis “Dental Traumatology”. In 2011, he studied “micro-surgical root canal treatment” under the supervision of Dott. Arnaldo Castellucci. Since 2008 he conducts treatment using dental microscope. Using the microscope he carries a diagnosis, conventional treatment and prosthetics and surgery in the oral cavity. The doctor has many years of experience in pediatric dentistry. During his career Dr.Šaganov used microscopes Leica and Carl Zeiss and did more than a thousand of operations in the field of root canal treatment. He is constantly participating and conducting trainings courses in the field of dentistry both in Estonia and abroad.

For colleagues

Dr. Alexey Shaganov performs complex operations of the treatment of root canals using a microscope. If you would like to sent your patient to our clinic, please include the patient’s name, description of the problem and your contact details during the booking of timeslot.

Our clinic is located in the city center between Stockman and Kaubamaja shopping centers, in the intersection of Tartu mnt and Kivisilla streets. Entrance to the clinic is from the parking lot in the Tartu mnt. street. To enter, please click on the door bell with the name «Dr.Saganov».



Pricelist 2016/2017

Konsultatsioon, raviplaani koostamine 15€
Visiiditasu nädalavahetusel (L – P) 20€
Injektsioonanesteesia 10€
Aplikatsioonianesteesia 3€
Digitaalne röntgen 10€
Iga järgmine digitaalne röntgen 5€
Air-Flow hammaste puhastamine 66€
Individuaalne valgenduskape (üks lõug) 100€
Hambakivi eemaldamine ühelt hambalt 3-7€
Parodontoloogiline puhastus ühelt hambalt 7€
Ühe hamba poleerimine hambakivi eemalduse peale 3€
Medikamendi aplikatsioon hügieeni peale 13€
Kofferdami asetamine 7€
OptraGate asetamine 4€
Vana täidise eemaldamine 7€
Täidise poleerimine 5-10€
Klaasionomeeri täidis 20-50€
Väike valguskõvastuv täidis 50€
Keskmine valguskõvastuv täidis 65€
Suur valguskõvastuv täidis 80€
Ajutine täidis 15€
Kahene ajutine täidis 20€
Hamba ettevalmistus endodontia ravimiseks 45€
Pulbi avamine ja ravimi asetamine 10€
Ühe kanaliga hamba juurekanali avamine ja laiendamine 35€
Iga järgneva kanali avamine ja laiendamine 25€
Ravimivahetus juurekanalites 35€
Ühe juurekanali täitmine 35€
Iga järgneva kanali täitmine 25€
Eelnevalt ravitud kanali täitmine 25€
Perforatsiooni sulgemine MTA 30€
Ühe klaasfiibertihvti kanali asetamine 55€
Ühejuurelise hamba eemaldamine 32€
Mitmejuurelise hamba eemaldamine 45€
Raske hamba eemaldamine 60€
Tarkusehamba eemaldamine 60-120€
Kirurgiline küretaaž 15€
Ravimi asetamine alveoliidi juhul 7€
Perikoroniidi ravi 25€
Abstsessi avamine 30€
Hemostaas 5€
Konsultatsioon 35€
Wax–Up (1 ühik) 20€
Alginaatjäljend 15€
Silikoonjäljend 25€
Hambumusindeks 15€
Valatud tihvtkönt 120-150€
Ajutine direktne kroon 30€
Ajutine laborikroon 80€
Metallkeraamiline kroon 300€
Tsirkoonium kroon 380€
Täiskeraamiline panus (Inlay, Onlay, Overlay) 350-420€
E-MAX kroon 380€
Ühe hamba ettevalmistus kroonimiseks 20€
Adhesiivne krooni tsementeerimine 25€
Krooni tsementeerimine 15€
Individuaalne lusikas 30€
Suust eemaldatav osaline protees 350-400€
Suust eemaldatav totaalprotees 400-450€
Büügelprotees klambri fikseerimisega 550-650€
Proteesi ümberbaseerimine 60€
Proteesi parandus 50-80€
Vana krooni konstruktsiooni eemaldamine (1 ühik) 20€
Hinnakirjas ei kajastu eritellimustööd. Neid hindab arst vastavalt töö iseloomule ja laboratooriumi kulusid arvesse võttes.

Your Supplier of Dental Products

If you are a dental clinic searching for the intruments, equipment or materials then you are at the right place. Being involved in dental business for many years we were always searching for the producers of dental products with superior quality and best prices. Our personal experience in the utilization of the products and long term relationship with supplier helped us to become authorized resellers of the products in which we have trust. authrized resellers of these distributors we leveraged to get the best price agreements and happy to make you a competative offer and excellent customer support.
If you are unhappy with prices of your current supplier, please get in touch with us and we garantuee you best quality and price.